Kaatsu - Testimonials

I am now stronger, faster and quicker than I was before my injury.

Josh Saunders

New York City FC

The reason the athletes I’m working with like training with the KAATSU Bands is [because] when they’re doing it they really feel like they’re working hard; and when they take them off, they’re able to recover very, very fast.

Chris Morgan

former Olympic Swim Coach

My quality of life has noticeably improved while using KAATSU. I have an improved range of motion in my right elbow and improved function of my right arm. I have seen a significant increase in my right bicep and right tricep muscle mass and strength. I have more flexibility in both shoulders and my blood pressure was lower when using KAATSU (108/75) versus not (120/80).

Peter Lansbury

Professor of Neurology, Harvard University