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Meet Our Team


The story of RP Sports actually begins in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, New York, where Steve Kantor learned the values that have guided him throughout his life. It was in this close-knit community where his teachers played mahjong with his mom and he’d enjoy a nightly catch with his dad that he learned four words that would become the core value of his life – and eventually, his companies: “Do the right thing.”

This refreshingly simple concept has anchored the growth of RecoveryPump (now RP Sports) since its humble beginnings in 2011 in Glen Mills, PA. In between Bensonhurst and Glen Mills, however, was an all-important period that began at the University of Maryland, where Steve pursued a degree in math and computer science. It was the early 70’s and Steve was in the forefront of this groundbreaking technological era, writing computer programs and designing systems. His entrepreneurial spirit flourished as his skills were in demand as an independent contractor, writing systems for a variety of clients. Upon developing a claim-processing program used by a hospital outpatient facility, it occurred to him that this same system could prove effective in a doctor’s office setting. This ability to create a billing system – and get paid – led to a contract in Pennsylvania, and ultimately, the formation of Medical Solutions Supplier in 1994.

The dramatic success of RP Sports and the thousands of people helped through pneumatic compression pump therapy inspired Steve and led to the formation of RecoveryPump. A company that is perfect marriage of science and sports, Steve is a huge fan and credits the evolution from RecoveryPump to RP Sports to the team he has assembled. “The only way to grow was to delegate, and I have surrounded myself with incredibly talented people who share common core values.”

Steve is quick to credit his wife, Renee, for her constant support and the sacrifices she was willing to make to enable him to pursue his vision for RP Sports. “My family is everything to me. I am blessed to share my life with the best partner imaginable, and my daughters Jayme and Chelsey are a constant source of pride for me.” Jayme is a successful attorney who performs as a singer in her free time. Chelsey is a key member of the Medical Solutions Supplier team and a loving mom to Steve’s only granddaughter, Lexi. Though grateful for the success he has enjoyed in business, to Steve these treasures are greater than any professional accomplishment.




Brian Carberry was officially named President of RecoveryPump at the close of 2015 after serving as National Sales Team Manager for close to three years.

Long before RecoveryPump, Carberry’s expertise with pneumatic compression pump therapy began with Medical Solutions Supplier, an award-winning durable medical equipment supplier based in Glen Mills, PA. The dramatic results achieved through this therapy by patients with circulatory conditions led to research that confirmed its potential benefits to the recovery of high-level athletes.

Brian joined RecoveryPump in 2011 as the Company’s first sales representative. His success in this initial test market proved that there was demand for the product. Outlining a plan for national coverage through regional sales representatives, Carberry was promoted to National Sales Team Manager, while dually serving as Director of International Sales. In 2015 his role expanded to encompass oversight of operations and marketing, leading to his current position as President.

Brian has overseen the growth of RecoveryPump and shepherded the transition to RP Sports. “Though 2015 was a landmark year for RecoveryPump, it is clear to our entire team that we are poised for great things in 2016 and beyond,” remarked Carberry. “It’s a privilege to lead a team of people who are passionate about providing cutting-edge recovery tools to athletes and whose dedication to outstanding customer service is unsurpassed in our market.”




Rodrigo is our numbers wizard. He has extensive experience as a controller and financial advisor. He keeps our inventory in check and puts our numbers in line. He is our very own clairvoyant, creating thorough forecasting reports and guiding RP Sports in the right direction for future growth. Other than the thrill of numbers, Rodrigo loves spending time watching action films with his family, playing golf with his wife and mastering his poker face while playing cards regularly with friends. Rodrigo can be described as the rudder of RP Sports ship. With his guidance, we can steer our company towards success!




Along with creating our content, core messaging & social posts, Jillian is the whiz behind the look of RP Sports’ website and marketing materials. She is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, where she majored in painting, as well as a graduate of Hussian School of Art and Design where she mastered digital techniques & composition.

Feel free to reach out to Jillian with any questions regarding marketing or digital media.


Creative Marketing Director


"We enjoyed an excellent relationship with JoHan during his time as Head Athletic Trainer for the Golden State Warriors and Associate Director of Sports Medicine for Texas Christian University,” remarked Brian Carberry, RP Sports President. “Adding JoHan’s wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team is an exciting development which will enhance our outstanding service to our clients."

Along with maintaining and growing RP Sports’ emphasis on providing innovative sports technologies to the marketplace, JoHan serves as the Company’s West Coast Representative. “When RecoveryPump was first introduced, I was impressed with the quality and efficacy of the product and was a proponent of its use in the organizations with which I’ve been affiliated,” remarked Wang. “In the last year I’ve observed the Company’s evolution to RP Sports and I couldn’t be more excited about its direction, the potential to better serve athletic programs and the ability to contribute to an organization that has set a standard for overall excellence.

A graduate of the University of California – Davis, where he achieved his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology, JoHan’s Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Studies (MSESS) with an emphasis in Biomechanics was completed at Boise State University. He was awarded the Most Outstanding Graduate Student as well as the Tinactin Tough Cases National Award Recipient. He maintains memberships with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Society of Sports Nutrition as well as many other professional affiliations.


Sports Science Advisor


Jo is the true definition of a "People Person" with years of experience in pin pointing customer needs with a fierce resolve to solve any problems. As a swim coach & yoga instructor, she understands the importance of supporting athletes and clients with an active lifestyle to push towards their goals of physical potential. She is the “Go to” gal for orders, general company and product information. As our front house operations manager, Jo takes pride in providing the most outrageously great service possible, so call today and she will ensure you train hard & recover happy.


Front office operations manager


We don’t call him Master technician for nothing! Steve is a mastermind of machinery, he can take apart anything and put it back together better than new. His 15+ years as a master technician, coupled with his love for sports made him the perfect fit as our warehouse manager & master technician. If you have any service or repair related questions, Steve is your man!


Warehouse Manager & Master Technician


Every shipment that goes out from RP Sports has Lauren's care and attention to detail behind it. She ensures all product is tested and shipped out correctly, prepares demos for events, handles repairs, inventory, stock and any information for UPS. Lauren is a great asset to our team and her smile could light up a room!


Shipping Technician


"Red" brings a diverse set of skills to his position at RP Sports. His depth of insight regarding recovery has a personal angle because he's completed over 100 marathon and ultra-marathons. Hiking/running famous historic trails are his passion and combining his love of athleticism with his profession has been a great career move for Red and the numerous clients who value working with him.

Prior to joining the RecoveryPump team in 2014, he served as Manager of the Central Region for Healthcare Payment Specialists. He has an extensive background as both a financial analyst and bookkeeper, creating high level financial reports and putting his Finance and Economics Double Major to good use.

A hiking and camping lover, Red enjoys traveling domestically and abroad. Music, art and foods from all over are a few of his favorite things...along with rooting for his favorite sports teams, who are multiplying by the day because of his ever-increasing RP Sports relationships.


Director of Sales


Jake’s love for sports & performance can be traced back to his high school years, through to college where he played baseball at Old Dominion University. Jake knows first hand what it means to go through rehab & recovery due to an injury that resulted in a labrum surgery. His experience lead him here to RP Sports where it is his primary goal to assist AT’s, Athletes and other fitness professionals find the best tools on the market to speed up their recovery and stay at the top of their game. Jake is not only our Mid Atlantic Recovery Sales Specialist, but an avid user of the product. Jake is a "practice what you preach" kind of a guy, doing blood flow restriction training 5-6 days a week and making the most of his recovery time after Beer league softball with RecoveryPump. If you are in the Mid Atlantic area and you are interested in learning more about our products, contact Jake today.


Mid Atlantic – Recovery Sales Specialist


For Devan, human performance is a passion she been perusing for years. She obtained her BS in exercise science at Loyola university of Chicago, where she holds the record in javelin. Most recently, her experience and drive has landed her a position as a Recovery Sales Specialist here at RP where her primary focus is helping athletes and ATs across New England with the best recovery & performance technologies to take them to the top of their game. If you are in the new England area and you are interested in learning more about RP products, contact Devan today.


New England – Recovery Sales Specialist