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Here at RP Sports, we are committed to providing the most innovative, safe and effective sports technologies

on the market & delighting our clients with outrageously great service that exceeds their expectations


about us

We are proud to support the success of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS championship teams as well as leading collegiate programs, triathlete champions and elite athletes from every sport imaginable. Coaches, Athletic Trainers and Athletes from every level and discipline of sport have made RP Sports their preferred recovery choice.

Our Regional Recovery Specialists are a resource to Athletic Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches and work with them to offer the best tools to keep athletes healthy.

The relationships we have cultivated since RecoveryPump was established in 2011 are the cornerstone of our success. We believe in working to win your business – and your trust - over and over again.

We emphasize brand integrity. We don’t pay for social media posts and take pride in the fact that the best athletes in the world choose RP because…well, it’s the best.

a little about our history…

We began serving the athletic community on January 1, 2011 after decades helping to improve the quality of life for over 50,000 patients through pneumatic compression pump therapy. The results this therapy has produced for those suffering from arterial and venous disease, lymphedema and other circulatory problems like diabetes have been tremendous. Further research revealed that this same technology could prove equally beneficial to athletes. Scientific evidence abounds in support of the use of sequential compression to expedite recovery, but our team became excited by the prospect of sharing these benefits firsthand with the athletic community. Since that time, we have had the privilege of working with elite athletes and programs worldwide to help provide the winning edge through our RecoveryPump technology. In response to the needs of the clients with whom we work, 2016 ushered in a new era, including the addition of new, innovative sports technologies. RP Sports is founded on the principles that have made RecoveryPump the "choice of champions" and will continue to evolve to serve our clients with excellence.

The RP Sports story continues to be written. We look forward to making history as we revolutionize recovery and rehabilitation, while maintaining the values and standards of quality for which we are known.

Our dedicated team stands by our product lines and takes pride in exceeding your expectations when it comes to service.
— Brian Carberry (President)

our mission

The most advanced technologies are meaningless without the genuine care of those who represent the products. Our clients know that we are just a text or email away from jumping in to assist and that our reps are available 24/7 because we consider ourselves part of your team.

Executive Team

STEVE KANTOR    Company Owner


Company owner

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Mary Rogers

brian carberry

Company President

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Janet Green

rodrigo deguzman


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our staff



Front office operations manager

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Executive Assistant/Promotions

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Order Fulfillment/Warehouse Technician

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Warehouse Manager & Master Technician

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Recovery Sales Specialist - Western Region

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jake josephs

Recovery Sales Specialist - Southeast Region

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colin skelly

Recovery Sales Specialist - Northeast Region

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benjamin Stefka

Recovery Sales Specialist - South Central Region

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Colt Bearden

Director of International Business Development

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