Todd Gurley

Los Angeles Rams Running Back, 2015 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (AP)

 “In my opinion, RecoveryPump is the best equipment in the business. The RP Sports team is great to work with and they've got the inside track on innovative sports technologies to help you achieve your goals.”



Laura Messner


"It's all about recovery or you're going to be hurting bad for a long time. The first time I used RecoveryPump during a race I got my very first podium."


Kevin Levrone

Hall of Fame Professional Bodybuilder

 "Shout out to RecoveryPump. I got these bad boys on - the RecoveryBoots. Just trying to heal this body up so I'm ready for battle."




Tim Toker

Gatesville ISD

“I have used the recovery pump and recovery pants since the start of the 2017-18 school year. The athletes that come in for treatment have reported substantially less soreness and quicker recovery times after competition, than last year. The results have been so impressive that I have added a second pump and recovery pants to help with the increasing demand, and I have seen the results with as little as a 20 minute treatment. I highly recommend this system to anyone looking to help with athletes recover from competition and daily intensive workouts.”


Dallas Keuchel

Pitcher, Houston Astros 2015 AL Cy Young Award Winner

 “Whether it's at the ‑field or back at the house, the RecoveryPump goes with me everywhere to give me a nice recovery and also gets me ready to play.”


Piet VanZant, ATC MS PES

Head Athletic Trainer, Detroit Red Wings 

“The Detroit Red Wings understand that the Athlete is the most important resource of any team. Helping the Athlete recover is paramount to success. RecoveryPump and our dedicated Recovery Room have enabled our athletes to maximize their ability to refuel, rehydrate, relax and ultimately, recover.”

Matt Grevers

Six-Time Olympic Medalist; World Record Holder, 100 Meter Backstroke

“At 6’8”, I have a large frame that works to my advantage in the pool, but also feels like a lot to drag around after a hard workout. Utilizing my RecoveryPump invigorates my body for another challenging day of training. My confidence is bolstered knowing I have a competitive advantage by routinely using my RecoveryPump. I can actually feel my muscles repairing with every use.”

Fernando Clavijo

Technical Director, FC Dallas (MLS)

“With such a tough schedule, one of the most important things for an MLS team to do is to recover. Our players use the RecoveryPump every day after practice in our RecoveryLounge. It’s easy and readily accessible at all times and makes it enjoyable for our players – even for the coaches to use.”

Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors; 2016 NBA MVP

 “RecoveryPump keeps my legs fresh for every game.”

Brandon Marshall

Wide Receiver, NY Jets

“The name of the game is 'Can I be at my best every day?' It takes a lot and I use RecoveryPump religiously every night. It squeezes inflammation out of the body and it drains all of the junk that promotes muscle soreness.”

Holly Holm

UFC Fighter

 “Every night this week I've been using my compression boots. Love having these with me on fight week. Thank you RecoveryPump.”


"As a professional triathlete, recovery is just as important as my workouts. Now as a father, my recovery time at home is more limited than it's ever been. My RecoveryPump is so important because can maximize my recovery by spending what little time I do have in my boots. I love my RecoveryPump because it's portable and easy for traveling. This year, I took my Recovery Pump with me to a training camp in Hawaii, two race trips to Asia, a race trip to Europe, and to a race in Puerto Rico. I don't travel anywhere with out mine!"


Patrick Evoe

Professional Triathlete



 For me this medical device is a no-brainer. My Practice is very specialized - working with Profes-sional, NCAA and Junior level athletes of many disciplines. I am responsible for managing wellness and recovery of athletes during their competitive season as well as at competitions/games. Combining my hands on skills and the RecoveryPump has provided the athletes with the competitive edge they need, it helps to prevent breakdown, and helps me determine the speci‑c areas of repetitive stress that need "hands on" treatment.


Colleen Carney

Owner, Back in Motion



 I believe in RecoveryPump so much. It doesn’t have to be a chore to recover; it is a necessity in order for you to be able to train or race again, so why not do it diligently and make it a positive situation with multitasking rather than a time drag? You see it on social media all the time that is very cool for people to discuss how much they are training. However, you rarely hear about when people are recovering. The bottom line, in order to keep your chi and happiness in training, you HAVE to recover properly or those posts about training will not be as frequent. Remember, train smarter, not harder and recover harder and then repeat!


Meredith Kessler

I believe in RecoveryPump so much. In order to keep your chi and happiness in training, you HAVE to recover properly. Remember, train smarter, not harder and recover harder and then repeat!



 RecoveryPump enables my patients and athletes to integrate e­ective daily recovery into their training programs and will give them a competitive edge. Its also been an incredible tool for treating soft tissue injuries, allowing my clients to recovery more quickly and get back out there


Dr. Steven Capobianco




 When I found RecoveryPump, the first time using them I fell in love with them. You always trial and error and I went through a whole bunch of trials recovery-wise to get my body where I wanted it to be. I finally found RecoveryPump and it hit the sweet spot.


Carlin Isles

USA Rugby National Team



 I use the RecoveryPump literally every day with several different teams. I have 17 teams at my school and they love the product.


Latonja Lee, ATC

Purchase College, Rockville Center, NY



 We did a test with our student athletes and my staff for a year. The unanimous choice among our student athlete population and with my staff was RecoveryPump.


Daniel Bellamy,

Director of Sports Medicine, Howard University



 We used RecoveryPump all the time, especially for recovery, for edema reduction and we had nothing but great results. The athletes loved it, it's easy to use and we always get great results.


Reinaldo Jaffet, MS, ATC, PT

Former Miami Heat AT



 The RecoveryPump system has worked wonders for us and allowed us to remain healthy for the season. Guys love the portability to use it in meetings, during meals, or relaxing in the facility. You can really tell the difference in having fresh legs. The RecoveryPump does exactly that: It gives them the opportunity to get off their feet and focus on their training.


Kevin Sze, Head AT

Philadelphia Soul - 2016 Arena Football League Champions



 Anyone who really wants to compete should use RecoveryPump. It's a great product; an awesome product. It's the best product in the business. It helps me be able to get out there and compete to the best of my ability without being all sore.


Markeith Price

US Paralympic Track and Field Record-Holder



 The RecoveryArm is in and it feels amazing! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better recovering with the RecoveryBoots®, now I get to recover my entire arm and shoulder. I am in recovery heaven right now! Come in and try them out at Three Rivers Performance Chiropractic.


Jake Feroce, DC

Three Rivers Performance Chiropractic, New Kensington, PA



 I can't begin to describe how awesome this RecoveryPump feels and how much it helps me recover. Normally sore 48 hours after; this reduces DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) by 80% after my bcaas. I take recovery seriously for myself and my patients. This is one of many tools I use at my at my clinic to keep athletes performing optimally.


Dr. Tyler Flores

Chiro 4 All Health Center, Richmond, TX



 We chose to use the recovery pump units for our women's basketball program for their portability and ease of use while on the road. Our team has really liked them for recovery purposes and we have a line of athletes wanting to use them as part of their pre-game routine. I have used them for rehab and have found the versatility in treatment options to be useful. We have already gotten a lot of use out of the recovery pants as our athletes feel it is a a more total lower body treatment. I have liked them for groin/hip/ upper quad issues that are sometimes difficult to reach with the leg sleeve. We have been very happy with our recovery pumps and plan to get a lot of use out of them.


Ann Wallace

Kansas Sports Medicine



 I've been using the Recovery Boots since 2011, and they have always been extremely effective in helping with fatigue in the feet and legs. The Recovery Pants take it up a level, incorporating everything from the toes through the core. Especially for us triathletes relying so heavily on glutes and hips, these pants are instrumental in assuring that all the major muscle groups are addressed.


Kelly H. Williamson

2014 Ironman Texas Champion