Gain a Competitive Edge through Rapid Recovery

RecoveryPump delivers aggressive muscle recovery in the comfort of your home. Our portable and medically proven, active compression system significantly increases circulation beyond any other recovery method available and dramatically accelerates the recovery cycle while decreasing soreness and swelling.


Intuitive operation makes RecoveryPump simple and easy to use.


Proprietary sequential compression & overlapping chamber design deliver the most effective results.


Powerful performance with up to 100mmHg pressure in the most compact, portable design on the market.

We challenge you to take your recovery as seriously as your training and nutrition. Use the RecoveryPump every day and be rewarded with stronger training days and faster post-competition recovery - so you can get back out there and do it all over again.

Medically Proven Recovery

Read our Science & Studies section to understand how RecoveryPump works with the body to accelerate muscle recovery. What would take the body 12-48 hours to accomplish with rest alone can now happen in 1-2 hours with RecoveryPump.

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