Blog posts of '2015' 'March'

Traveling Overseas with RecoveryPump

RecoveryPump has really shown it's true value lately since I've been taking long flights to races. I started out the season racing in Pucon,Chile, then in Dubai, Mexico, and next weekend I will be flying to race in Brazil. I don't normally do races that are so far away, so having the RecoveryPump to travel with has been really helpful. Since it's now battery powered and more compact, it's easy to travel with and I don't have to worry about bringing a power converter when I travel outside of the US. I just charge it fully before I leave and get plenty of uses out of it.

I usually use the pump as soon as I get the chance when I arrive to get rid of my airplane cankles. Then I use it before and after the race and it really helps me feel ready to race and recover quicker after. I prefer to fly in and out pretty quick, so that I can get in proper training the week before. I can get away with arriving the Thursday or Friday before an international race now, which is awesome.

RecoveryPump has made a huge difference in my recovery over the past 5 years. I can't imagine what I'd do without it now.

Richie Cunningham

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Tri Camp:

1 • In-person coaching: In a sport that involves lots of miles under virtual supervision, tri camps provide valuable in-person interaction with a(or your) coach. I know that for me, as a coach, watching how my athletes do under stress over this intense mini-training block is incredibly helpful-- in better understanding them as athletes thus helps me to plan their training when they aren't with me in person.

2 • Escaping the winter: For many athletes, a late-winter/ early spring training camp in a warm-weather locale like Tucson provides a much-needed mental break and motivational boost during the long cold winter of indoor training.

3 • New terrain: Getting outside the "comfort zone" of your familiar training routes--and partners--provides a huge opportunity for athletic growth. Much like in a race where we often are riding new routes and facing unknown competition, camp can provide the challenge of a big, scary climb you've never seen before, or of training partners who may be stronger than your norm back home. This experience is not just great for perspective but for getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

4 • Peer pressure: Of the good kind:) Training in a group environment in which everyone is doing things that scare him/her , everyone is motivated to face fears and break through perceived limits. I always find that the campers can push harder/ go further at camp than they can at home while training on their own.

5 • Friends: In four years of putting on camps, I have lost count of how many close friendships I have seen form under this kind of duress. There isn't much that is more fulfilling to me as a coach than watching my "kids," who live all over the world, come together as a team during camp and truly support and challenge each other.

Hillary Biscay


RecoveryPump Celebrates National Athletic Trainers Month

They are the unsung heroes of the training room; the person behind the medals and trophies who makes champions shine. It's appropriate that they should have time in the spotlight, and RecoveryPump is proud to celebrating National Athletic Trainers Month throughout March 2015.

NATA is the driving force behind this special celebration of ATs, and to show our support, RecoveryPump will give away an Original RP System at the end of the month...and it could go to YOUR favorite AT.

Honor an AT that you admire by tweeting about them using the hashtag #PumpedAboutMyAT and including @RecoveryPump in the text. We're delighted to highlight stories about the best ATs in the country, and at the end of the month, we'll tally up the tweets with one lucky AT to be awarded the RP System.

That's not all - for every RPX System RecoveryPump sells in March, we'll donate $10 to the NATA Foundation. The National Athletic Trainers’ Association Research & Education Foundation (NATA Foundation) is the only 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the profession of athletic training through research and education. Established in 1991, the NATA Foundation advances its mission by awarding undergraduate and graduate scholarships and by funding grants that support research in health care.

What are you waiting for? Show some love to your favorite AT and start tweeting!