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My Top 3 Holiday Training Tips


Happy 2016!! Having just emerged from the annual round of holidays, coaching my athletes through them and trying to stay fit through them myself, I came up with a list of hopefully-helpful hints for maintaining fitness during this time:

1. Nothing can get in the way of a workout you do before the world's awake.

I think the most foolproof way to ensure that family/holiday commitments don't preclude you from getting your workout done is simply to get it done before anyone else is awake! There's not much that can stop the person who is willing to set the alarm early and be finishing before the day has started for everyone else.

2. Get the family involved.

Do you have any other active family members--anyone you can recruit for any piece of a workout, or maybe just to come to the gym with you and do their own thing while you do yours? Anyone up for a family hike? These are some of my favorite family activities (even within a relatively non-athletic family) that I've found can enhance one's holiday-training accountability.

3. Keep it simple.

You can run anywhere. No, really. Even if it is laps of the block, you can run. All you need is your running shoes. When all else fails, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater just because training logistics are too difficult with travel and other commitments. A run of any length, even if not specifically what you wanted or intended for that day's training, is infinitely better than a big fat 0.

-Hillary Biscay, Ironman Champion and Smashfest Queen Owner