Blog posts of '2016' 'May'

San Jose to Long Beach with the Long Beach Fast Freddies!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 myself and 17 other men boarded a plan to San Jose California with no return flight, just our bicycles. The Long Beach Fast Freddies is a local cycling group I have the privilege of riding with. Aging from 30-70 years of age there is some great diversity in the group. Every year for the past 15 years or so they have taken the challenge of riding from San Jose to Long Beach. A 455 mile journey down the magnificent California coast in just 4 days.

I myself am a sprinter… Fast, powerful, and short is my game! So what am I doing on a multi day ride? This was the question I was asking myself the whole time. But mostly I was excited to ride my bike alongside some great friends and create new memories.

 As a sprinter doing so many miles I new I would need a SECRET WEAPON… The faster I could recover from the previous day the better I would perform and feel on the next. And since I am such a nice guy I figured I would give my friends a little recovery help as well. So, I brought along 3 RECOVERYPUMP SETS!!!! 2 systems with boots and 1 system with the NEW RECOVERYPANTS! The RecoveryPants are brand new and I must say… They are Gods gift to compression!!! Feet, calves, quads, gluts, and lower back with enough squeeze to make you start to question until you feel that oh so sweet release…

There were a few riders interested in using them from the start, but also some were skeptical. I did not try to persuade anyone, as I knew the RecoveryPump systems would talk for itself. Needless to say, by day 2 and 3 everybody wanted to get into my pants… SO I LET THEM! I know that RecoveryPump is amazing, but it is always great to hear the response from others who are trying for the first time. This was however my first time using them with this many miles and days back to back and the result was amazing.

So Recovery Pump, the Long Beach Fast Freddies say THANK YOU!!!  Many in the group were so impressed that 5 of them have put in an order of there own so that they can feel the squeeze anytime they’d like!

-  Nate Koch, Sprint Track Cyclists