KAATSU Air Bands (Arm & Leg set)

1 set of arm bands, 1 set of leg bands

KAATSU airbands are the ideal tool for your blood flow restriction training (BFRT). Their patented flexible design yields to your muscle contractions during use, allowing for safe & effective BFRT. Train untethered, with adjustable pressure settings for individual customization. KAATSU Nano or Master unit sold separately.

The KAATSU airbands include 1 pair of arm bands and 1 pair of leg bands and are available in multiple sizes. For best fit, please reference the size chart listed below.


Arms: Measure circumference around your upper arm at the base of your deltoid.

Legs: Measure circumference around upper leg as close pelvis as possible.

KAATSU Sizing Chart

If your measurements exceed the XL circumference limits, custom sized bands can be ordered at an additional cost. Custom bands may take up to two weeks to be produced. Please contact us at info@rpsports.com or call us at 855-732-7867 to order your custom sized arm or leg bands.