RP Mini Boots

Mini Boots are travel-friendly compression boots at a easily affordable price.
SKU: 601mini


The MINI-BOOTS compression boots plug right into your existing RPX or RP Lite pump and offer four-chambers of sequential, pneumatic compression therapy from the bottom of your foot up to your entire calf. We call it the MINI because, well, it's smaller. Think RecoveryBoots from the knee down. 

  •          Provides therapy distal to the knee (covering foot to calf)
  •          Effective to help increase circulation PRE or POST competition
  •          Combat the effects of hours in the static position before or after a road trip with the compact, travel-friendly Mini Boots
  •          Plugs right into your existing RPX or RP Lite Pump 
  •          Don't have your pump yet,  Order either the RP Lite or the RPX along with your Mini Boots